Partner with us to help people with disabilities live meaningful lives! image

Partner with us to help people with disabilities live meaningful lives!

Help support our mission to provide people in need of long-term supports, either through age or disability, with the information, guidance, support, and advocacy they need to remain in their chosen homes and live full, independent lives.

$18,750 raised

$50,000 goal

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Your donation will help children and adults who experience developmental and other disabilities live full and productive lives in the community!!

Dear Donors,

Your support and generosity help people with developmental and other disabilities live meaningful lives. 100% of your donations go directly to those we serve to provide access to things not covered by medical insurance and/or Medicaid like therapeutic activities, adaptive equipment and technology, recreational activities, employment supports, environmental modifications, family/caregiver respite, and so much more to help kids and adults. Your support helps those we serve to experience a better quality of life, live as independently as possible, and connect with the community!


The Team at Community Crossroads

Lucy's Story:

Lucy is a wonderful 5-year-old girl who experiences Autism. She is intelligent, kind, and is a hard worker, and struggles with executive function and skill transference. Access to therapeutic horseback riding lessons has given her confidence and patience with herself and others.

Thank you for your support!

-Lucy's Family

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Alex's Story:

Thank you Community Crossroads for providing us with funding for Alex to attend therapeutic horseback riding lessons!

-Michelle Currier