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We provide life enhancing supports for people who experience disability. Help us foster the development of infants & toddlers, assist school children, and help adults with daily living activities, recreation, and employment.

$2,825 raised

$50,000 goal

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Your donation will help children and adults who experience developmental and other disabilities live full and productive lives in the community!!

Dear Donors & Supporters,

Thank you for giving my daughter Ella Dobrozi the opportunity to continue her growth and development in speech and motor planning/ movement. The support provided to Ella allowed her to continue her singing and swimming classes.

Ella almost died last year and ended up in the hospital for over 8 weeks. Ella regressed significantly and was very sick. Her medical complications left her without being able to walk, speak, and bend and move her right wrist (which is her dominant hand). Since then doctors' have found that she has an immune disorder. I had to leave my career and I am left with no income and Ella cannot be left at daycare. She also has many doctor and therapy appointments.

The support Ella received allowed her the opportunity to continue her classes and she has significantly improved. For this I am truly grateful!

-Patricia Dobrozi
(Ella's Mom)

Our Supporters